S.C.M. Società Costruzioni Metalmeccaniche

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S.C.M. Srl is a precision mechanical components manufacturer founded in 1975. Our facilities include milling centres and CNC lathes programmed with an integrated CAD/CAM system.

We are suppliers of mechanical components for the Taranto ILVA S.p.A. steel factory, Effer S.p.A. a leading manufacturer of terrestrial and marine cranes, T.M.P. Termomeccanica S.p.A. a company working in the Oil & Gas industry, and for many other companies working in all types of mechanical construction.

Thanks to our experience with such a wide range of companies, with their very various requirements and fields of application, we have developed a unique understanding of the skills and quality requirements of the sector, which constitutes our competitive strongpoint.

We have been suppliers of mechanical components for Vestas A/S since 1998 and we have manufactured over 405,600 mechanical components for wind turbines.

Our company policy is based on the fundamental requirements of a high level of technical know how, stringent observance of delivery schedules and a zero-trend defect rate, a policy which has earned us the recognition and trust of our customers who have entrusted us with the manufacture of around 110 types of different mechanical components for wind turbines.

Our target today is to continue and increase our services as suppliers of mechanical parts.

Our credentials in the relations with our Customers are as follows:

  1. Punti elencoHigh level of technical know how acquired in the manufacture of mechanical components for wind turbines;

  2. Punti elencodedication of milling machine or lathes to the exclusive manufacture of supplies for Customer (if required);

  3. Punti elencohigh quality production reflected in our zero-trend defect rate in supplies;

  4. Punti elencostrict observance of agreed delivery deadlines.